Jack of All Shades: Custom Made, American Made Lampshades for All

The days of just accepting what major retailers like Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, or Target have on their shelves are over. Homeowners, interior decorators and lampshade enthusiasts can now rejoice! Jack of All Shades is announcing that they are offering the retail public customized lampshades through their new and improved website: www.JackOfAllShades.com.

Jack of All Shades is an American based company located in Albertville, Alabama, and began making lampshades over 27 years ago. And in those 27 years of production, it became apparent that customers needed more than just the designated ten lampshades on the shelf. Customers needed a way to get the exact lampshade they desired; the precise size, shape and color.They needed JackofAllShades.com

Currently, Jack of All Shades specializes in customizing round, oval, square, rectangle, and pendant lampshades. With over 150 colors and materials available, the possibilities are limitless. And if a customer wishes, they can even mail their own material to the shop and get a custom lampshade created that matches a rooms exact decor. And yea, they ship them right to your door!

When it comes to shopping for lampshades, Jack of All Shades has you covered.

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