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Learn About What Happened To Notre Dame

The Notre Dame cathedral has been in existence for very many years now. The Notre Dame is not a regular site because it has been the venue used for the coronation of different historical figures over the years. The Notre Dame got attention from UNESCO in the late twentieth century, where it was declared a world heritage site. The Notre Dame almost became history early this year because of a few careless mistakes. The media had a field day when the cathedral caught fire. Investigations were launched to look into what happened to the great cathedral, and we will be giving an overview of what happened in this article.

Investigations would reveal that, unlike people thought, the fire that almost brought the cathedral to an end, was brought about by errors at the beginning of the twenty-first century. The cathedral has been in existence since the fourteenth century, not having standard safety measures in place, which is why a team of firefighters and architects was created several years ago to try and look into this. Several people have suggested that the Notre Dame would not have needed safety precautions at the time was it made up of flexible polycarbonate translucent wall panels. The team of firefighters and architects voted against an automatic sprinkler system in the attic because this would have interfered with the design of the cathedral. No one at the time thought that this would be the mistake that almost brought down the Notre Dame.

The cathedral almost burnt to the ground because it took the security guards a long time to realize there was even a fire, which may have been avoided if translucent wall panels were in place. On the fateful day, a new security guard was sent to investigate what had caused the fire alarm to go off, but he would not confirm there was a fire until it was too late.

When the security guards finally notified the firefighters, it was too late, and the fire was impossible to put out from the inside. The firefighters at the scene had to evacuate the building because the weakening of the cathedral’s spire caused the roof to collapse. Since putting out the fire took too long, the altar and the roof of the cathedral were completely destroyed.

People offered different ideas on how the rebuilding of the cathedral. Some were for the idea that the same design be used whereas others opted for a more modern route, such as the use of translucent wall panels. Most people were of the opinion that polycarbonate translucent wall panels be used. Many people were for the idea of translucent wall panels being used because they would have allowed the cathedral to unfold into an open-air gathering. However, the translucent wall panels idea was shot down as French officials voted for the restoration of the cathedral in its former design. Officials are still planning for the reconstruction of the Notre Dame.

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