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Time Saving Methods of Cooking Delicious Crabs

The availability of crabs depends on the season and the country. Crabs are full of nutrients that are excellent for your body. If you prepare them and serve them well, your family will have a wonderful meal. Some meals are tasty when eaten with crabs. These are the methods of quickly preparing crabs if you have limited time.

Grill the crabs. The crabs must be cleaned before grilling. Cook them halfway by boiling or steaming before you grill the crabs so that they cook faster. Boil or steam crabs for about five minutes, allow them to cool and clean them afterward. Toss the portions of crabs in olive oil as you season them to add flavor. Make the crabs brown on both sides by using a hot grill. If you have soft-shell crabs, use a different grilling process.

Boiling crabs is the common way of cooking them. Find a pot of water that is of the appropriate size to boil the crabs. Add enough salt to add taste to the crabs. You can include or eliminate adding some beer or wine from your recipe when boiling crabs. Add seasonings that appeal to you. The crabs should be added into the boiling pot at once so that they have the same time to cook or else some will overcook as you wait for others to be ready if you add them into the pot at different times. The crabs will start to float after about fifteen minutes. The crabs are ready to be served but wait until they cool a little.

Steaming the crabs if you want to make them have their tasty juices. Boil a large-sized pot with saltwater. Put the crabs in a steamer basket to steam. Improvise steaming if there is no steamer basket. The large crabs take longer time to be ready. Remove the crabs from the pot with the help of tongs. Let the crabs cool before you clean and serve them so that you don’t get burnt. Use cold water to rinse the crabs so that they cool faster.

Some people prefer roast crabs. Preheat the oven 450 F. The crabs have to be boiled or steamed for a while before cleaning. You have to know the right ways to clean the crabs so that you do not spoil the taste by cleaning them inappropriately. Use seasonings you love on the crabs that are placed on the roasting pan. Adding chilly destroys the taste of crabs. Set the crabs in a single layer in a roasting pan and cook in a hot oven until the crabs are browned and sizzling.

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