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Things to Consider when Hiring Cryogenic Storage and Retrieval Companies

Whether you are just starting a new medical practice or conducting some kind of short term biological research that is grant funded, you might be in a situation where you need a medical grade freezer for your work but unable invest in one for practical or financial reasons. For short term projects or somebody who is just starting out in the medical field, the cost of running medical freezers or industrial grade freezers can be too high. But do not worry about a thing as you can opt for cryogenic storage and retrieval services provided by various companies at very affordable rates.

But like all things, you should consider your options and look for the best company that offers you the greatest value for your money.A good cryogenic service will be able to guarantee clients that their specimens and their materials are protected and preserved. So Here are the tips on how to find a good cryogenic retrieval and storage service.

Blackout Protection – You should always look for a cryogenic service company that has their own backup generators. This is to ensure that in the event of a power outage, the freezers will stay running, keeping your specimens safe and sound.

Adjustible Temperature Ratings – A standard shared among medical grade or laboratory grade freezers to be able to reach temperatures of -25 degrees Celsius. But you should have the option to be able to have access to cryogenic units rated -80 degrees Celsius that are great for medical purposes and for specialized research. Temperature ratings are a constant, but temperature tolerance is a factor that varies greatly from company to company. You want to go for those companies whose units can withstand and keep your settings within 1 degree despite any change in the ambient temperature.

Reliable and Durable Units – You should first see if the company’s units look reliable and durable and that it won’t pose any problems any time soon as well as being well maintained by the company’s staff, especially when you plan on working with them for a long time. They should be prepared for any incidents and when issues do arise, they have technicians at the ready 24/7 to get affected units fixed.

Adaptable Storage – There will be no doubt that specimens will dramatically vary in shape and size and a single sample might contain a hundred specimens easily. Units are usually measured in volume, thus you should be able to be provided by the company with various options with regards to racks and storage space and be able to expand as your space needs grows.

Security and Protection – Go for cryogenic companies that have surveillance and monitoring systems in place to ensure that your specimens are safe from any contamination, damage, theft, and tampering.

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